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Vinegar Lane

Client Brief
Our client wanted his two storey urban apartment to feel more home-like rather than being industrial or stark. His love of angular design was to be incorporated. His other wish was to incorporate an office space near the kitchen.

The Stained Charcoal Ash Timber Veneer chosen for the kitchen cabinetry brings the desired warmth and richness to the room, while still presenting clean and modern. The strong Absolute Black Granite benchtop really punctuates the island firmly between the warm timber flooring and stainless steel highlights of the kitchen. The island cabinetry appears to float with negative space detailing, ending with an angular finish - also repeated at the seating end of the island. The Resene Double Truffie 50% gloss lacquer at the base of the island (and the cabinetry on the kitchen side), contrasts nicely with the rich Stained Ash timber veneer at the opposite end.

The kitchen design challenges in this space were the sloping ceiling and the structural beam 500mm out from the wall. To create the look, size and impact in the kitchen that the client desired, we needed to integrate these challenges into the final design and make it seamless.

joinery designed for both storage and display connects the nook area off the kitchen; providing our client with his desired office space.

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